After finding yourself the perfect online casino to play your favourite slot games at, the next step is, quite literally, to get playing! Now, many people go one of two ways once they’ve found their new online home; either they get playing for real cash straightaway (the confident ones!), or they spend time familiarising themselves with the surroundings, and practicing their slots game before playing for cash (some may say the sensible ones!) So, if you find yourself falling into the second category, then maybe it’s best to take advantage of the ‘free play’ option that many leading casinos offer their customers. ‘Free Play’, also known as ‘Practice Mode’ essentially gives individuals the chance to play the slots as normal, without having to play for cash.

It’s a way of practicing and getting used to a certain type of game, or even a certain type of casino, without having to deposit any money into your account. Free play slots work entirely in the same way as free play poker, you’ll play exactly as you would if you were playing with real money. There’s no pressure involved, and you can enjoy the slots safe in the knowledge that you’re building up your experience ready to take on the real slots, for real cash! Because there are essentially hundreds of variations of online slots, it can be tough finding one that you’re comfortable with, and more importantly, one that you enjoy playing, therefore the free play function allows you the chance to try out multiple games and find the right one for you. Sometimes, customers will find that online casinos take your bank details on registration, even if you intend to play in practice mode for a couple of days, or weeks, and this is fine, it simply saves time once you do decide to play for real money.