The aim of the game is to spin the reels and match the winning symbols across the payline. This in theory sounds simple, except for one thing. Slot machines are totally random. There are also many mtyhs going around that certain slot machines pay more depending where they are situated. Like the theory that most land based casinos will place a machine that pays out more often than most by the entrance so people hear the noise of winners and get enticed in. The fair assumption is most land based casinos will play music or sounds that sound like coins falling into the winning tray to entice you in. This tactic is common knowledge amongst most professional gamblers.

How does this apply online? It doesn’t, because slot machines use (RNG) Random Number Generators to decide who and what gets paid when. These RNG’s are running hundreds of thousands of winning and losing combination codes every second. The ratio of winning combinations to losing ones as you may expect is very small indeed. It’s said you have more chance of winning the lottery.

Standard deviation slot machine strategy

The most famous slot strategy “standard deviation” is where you play only equal ratio slot machines, which means only playing slots that have the same payout ratio for all levels of play. What I mean is if you play 3 dimes or (30 cents) the jackpot would be exactly 3 times the jackpot than if you had bet 1 dime. Standard deviation slot strategy only works on slot machines that have this “equal ratio” play. You must also look for high percentage payout slots to begin with. Your aim should be to hunt down high percentage ratio slot to play on as this also increases your yield rate, try to find a machine with about 98% payout percentage to minimise the house edge. slots maths

The standard deviation works by counting the number of turns it takes for a payout to pay off. How it works: you should start with the minimum amount of coins in order to spin the reels and play, then count every spin until you win. For simplicity we will use 10 wins and dont forget to use a notepad to jot the numbers down. So spin the reels until you have achieved 10 wins. Noting down how many spins it takes to achieve each win. so your notepad could read something like 3,11,17,9,20,7,12,14,31,5. Those would be the number of spins between each win, so on the first attempt it took 2 spins and you won on the third spin, the second it took 10 spins and you won on the 11th making 11 your second number.

Now take a look at the sequence we add all those numbers together and divide it by the number of wins we are trying to find the average for. In this case its 10 wins, so 129 divided by 10 is 12.9. 12.9 is our standard deviation. If we were then hoping to find an optimum point in which to try and win we would play big money or “maximum coins” around the 13th reel spin. I personally would suggest playing maximum chips between 10 – 15 spins and spread the average. This is by no means a fool proof method. But helps giving you a mathematical formula to work with.

Hope that helps in anyway, and remember anyone offering a winning formula or slot machine strategy “secrets” that guarantee you vast amounts of money is talking utter crap and are only after one thing and thats your money. Sad but true. Good luck and play safe !