If you’re a fan of the slot machines in your local ‘bricks and mortar’ casino, but would like to play more often, or without having to make the journey to said casino, then why not play the slots online? There is indeed a myriad of excellent online casinos that cater for slots enthusiasts, and just like regular casinos, there are various different types of slots available. Because slots are so popular, new versions and different types of the game keep cropping up all the time, but it’s useful to remember the five or six key ‘categories’ that most of the variations can be filed under. O, firstly, you’ve got your ‘classic slots’, and these are readily available online, and probably the best way of really getting used to the idea of playing slots on the web.

As well as the classics, there’s the ‘5 Reel Slots’, perhaps for the intermediate online player, and after this, there’s the ‘Progressive Slots’, Slots with Bonus Features and Games’, ‘Multi Payline Slots’, ‘Multi Spin’, and ‘Fruit Machines’. However, there’s many more. Before deciding on which type of slot you’re going to play, it’s probably best to do some research into which online casino you’re going to play at, and this is indeed a key decision. As well as the hundreds of excellent online casinos out there, there’s several bad ones, lacking in customer service, and offering a poor selection of slots, so it’s important to choose a good casino. There’s thousands of articles online alluding to highly recommended online casinos, and therefore individuals looking to play slots should dedicate a little of their time into reading such pieces. It’ll be worth it once you find the right casino for you, with good customer service, trusty payment methods, and most importantly, great slot games!