Early Beginnings

The history of slot machine gambling is as checkered as its impact on modern society. It is a history that moves from the Unites States of America right up to the British Empire, taking in its wake millions of fans and enthusiasts. A man called Charles Fey was credited with creating the first game in the city of San Francisco. Of course that is in modern day California, one of the more liberal states in the United States of America. There is some dispute as to the exact date when the slotting machine was invented. Some camps claim that it was in eighteen eighty seven while others say that it was in eighteen ninety five. No matter what the starting date was, nowadays you will find in the web a huge amount of online slot machines: from the incredible Hulk to Geisha story … 5, 15 or 25 line slots … the problem is just to choose!

What Did The Original Game Play Like?

Those who saw it said that the first game was quite chaotic in its organization and execution. First of all there was an impossibly high number of winning combinations which would not work in the modern game. There were the three spinning wills that define the mechanism. At that time the symbols were name in a fashion that is quite similar to the way we name cards today. For instance they had horseshoes, spades, diamonds and hearts. At the top of the chain was the so called Liberty Bell. This was the principle card token on which the name of the game was based.

The high profits and easy entrance fees made it popular with the people such that even when it was banned, the game of slot machine gambling still held sway amongst the community. Other manufacturers started to imitate then finally to make actual copies of the technology. For those aficionados who wish to explore further the development of the slot machine, it is possible to check the results on the internet and they will in some cases provide a detailed analysis of the growth of this game.

Further Developments beyond the Origin

Although it may appear that the old slot gambling machine bears little resemblance to its modern equivalent, the reality is that all the modern slot machines owe their conception to that early work. In eighteen ninety one, the beginnings of the modern slot machine were introduced. At this time the popular usage of the slot machines were the bars and entertainment centers which provided a steady clientele and cross pollinated users with the bars.

The usage of a fruit machine was born out of the desire to avoid the criminal sanctions that certain legislative jurisdictions which criminalized gambling. The winnings would be offered in the form of food stuff and sweets. When the sheriffs would come to prosecute the establishment, the owner could claim that they were not playing for money and therefore it was not gambling. However the courts soon got round this by claiming that any sort of work on the slot machines involved getting something for nothing therefore it would have to be prosecuted s a case of gambling.

As the technological age has developed, the slot machines have also not been left behind. They have added enhancements such as the automated payment systems and the video interaction.