Nowadays there is an overabundance of online poker sites on the internet where you can find any kind of information and recommendations to make a wise decision in choosing the right poker room. As often happens on the internet there are some very good poker rooms out there and some other not so good or really bad and not reliable!

At the very beginning, I personally suggest to consider 3 main points: reliability, safety and usability.
Choose an online poker room managed by a company with good reputation, financially stable and accepting the payment methods you use more often.
Moreover, choose an online poker room having a great number of players, offering online poker tournaments, promotions and big events.

Always remember that you are playing poker to win and that skill and experience certainly prevails over luck in the long run. Some poker rooms seem to attract more inexperienced players than other ones and a quality poker room review should give you an idea of the overall player strength. By the way all poker software solutions offer the opportunity to check for average pot and flop percentage information for each table. Flop percentages over 40% and average pots 20+ times the big blind usually indicates a looser game in texas holdem. Checking the competition before you play will save you time and will make your play more productive and at the same time will keep you far from the sharks.

Every online poker site offers a bonus on your first deposit. Most often, the bonus is some percentage of your total deposit, usually ranging from 10-100% and having a maximum bonus cap. However, sometimes, bonus numbers can be misleading. While a poker site may give a 100% bonus, the playing requirements to ever see that bonus are so hard to fulfil that it is at least unlikely for all to gain but the highest stakes players. Other sites may offer a lower total bonus amount but have realistic playing requirements. Before deciding on the poker room with the biggest bonus offering, look closely at the terms and make sure that you’ll actually gain that bonus money.

Also extremely important consideration is the ease of deposits and withdrawals. It is essential to choose a poker room accepting your usual funding methods, for the safety of your money and speed of transactions.

In conclusion, before making your decision of where to play online poker, do a little more research about promotions, bonus terms, adopted software and banking methods. Ensure that you are just starting an enjoyable, pleasant and relaxing session of play. For sure you are in this way a step closer to be a winning player.