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From the desk of Tony R Frank

Dear fellow slots player,

Isn’t it about time you separated yourself from the millions of slot players who are being shamelessly robbed of billions of dollars by the casinos? It is possible to take pleasure in playing the machines without letting them rob you of your bankroll. And it’s easier than you think. I’ll prove it to you!

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Slots Play Is Serious Business!
For years casinos have ripped off unsuspecting players much like you. Lets face it, losing all of your money every time you play the machines is no fun for you, but the casinos love you. You help to put millions of dollars daily into their coffers! So, here’s…

Success Secret #2:

Players Who Rely On Pure Luck Nearly Always Lose!
Probably 99% of all the people leaving the casino are walking out having lost their money. Credit cards are maxed out and wallets are empty. Hey, it used to happen to me all the time too, but I’ve learned better since then, and now so can you….

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Become a Tough Casino Customer!
In order to avoid the casinos’ traps, you need to protect yourself. You need to know how to fight back. You need information. You need to know the exact tips, tricks, strategies and methods that will make you a winning slots player.

Today you’re personally invited to open the door to this information. I am not peddling snake oil. If you believed that there is such a thing as a secret slot-busting formula, then you would probably also believe that there is ocean front property in the Nevada desert.

If I knew how to summon a jackpot by waving a magic wand, I wouldn’t be writing this letter, I’d be playing slots all the time. Jackpots happen when least expected. Players lose all their money by blindly chasing that elusive big payoff.

With the slot methods I will show you, you will go after the mid-range numbers on the pay schedule. Concentrating on those medium-sized payouts gives you the staying power to be there when the jackpot hits.

After you finish reading this very special information page you will no longer have to rely on pure luck to win and you definitely won’t be going home broke, like you used to. You’ll be able to download a unigue e-book that uncovers slot strategies and formulas that will absolutely amaze you. It’s the bible for players who want to “really, really win at slots”.

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I’m giving you my tested and proven methods for coming out a winner more often when you’re playing the slots. I reveal how to maximize your resources so that you will never again let a casino take unfair advantage of you!

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· The inner workings of the machines. We explore the inside of a slot. Knowing how it works can help you gain a huge advantage.

· You will never again risk your money on just any machine that looks enticing. Certain slots you seek out, others you avoid like phony $100 bills!

· How to be a slot detective. Tell immediately whether or not a machine is worth playing. Will it pump out cash, or steal your money?

· Pick the loosest slot on the casino floor. I’ll show you tricks on how to find those 98% payout machines. Every casino has a few.

· You’ll know how to recognize a good pay table when you see one. You will no longer pick a slot just because it’s shiny and has a fancy name.

· Tricks and tips on how to squeeze every last benefit out of the casino slot club, without it costing you a penny extra.

· The facts and figures about tournament play and why Invitational Slot Tournaments are your best and cheapest entertainment value.

· Most of all, you will discover the secrets of protecting your slot bankroll. Staying power assures you’ll be around long enough for the jackpot to hit.

Do you know why most slots players leave the casino dead broke? I’ll tell you why: They don’t know when to quit! Inside you’ll learn exactly how to set exit points so you don’t lose your shirt at the machines.

Isn’t it about time you won back the money you’ve been losing in the past? How to Really, Really Win at Slots reveals ways to win big bucks playing slots with a small bankroll. You will learn how to use powerful tactics recycling the same money over and over, thus maintaining your bankroll and building up slot club points.

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Thank you for your interest.

Tony R Frank

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